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Apostle Ore’ Mahoney:

Apostle Ore’ was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. He is the co-founder and President of Connect U2 Christ Ministries, located in Kingston Springs, Tennessee. Over the years he has served as a Youth Pastor, an Assistant Pastor, and an Executive Pastor. Apostle Ore' has a heart for teaching; specifically in mentoring men and boys in biblical manhood, and using technology to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

Apostle Ore’ is also the beloved husband of Apostle Linda Mahoney. Together they serve the LORD as a ministry team, and lend their strength and support to one other in the work of the LORD.

Apostle Linda Mahoney:

Apostle Linda Mahoney was the former Founder and President of Redemption Ministries International, which was established in 1991. RMI started out as a food ministry to assist the poor, but later expanded into other areas of ministry. These other areas of ministry have taken her from the distribution of natural food to the distribution of spiritual food both domestically and abroad. She was licensed and ordained In 1994 through Grace Thru Faith Ministries. Other areas of ministry training include:

New Life Bible College (Cleveland, TN.)

After completing a two year bible correspondence course under the ministry of Dr. Norvel Hayes, Linda graduated from New Life Bible College in 1999. This was the first of many ministry preparations that would prepare her for her God ordained destiny.

Youth with a Mission (Weyerhauser, WI.)

Linda’s international ministry became the fruit of her five and a half month training with YWAM. She completed her required studies and a short term mission trip to the island of Trinidad in 2002 and her life has never the same. YWAM was the pivotal catapult that launched her to the nations. Her ministry and missions work has extended throughout 12 nations and 3 continents.


Eagles International Training Institute (Plano, TX.)

Linda completed 1 year of intense biblical and dance ministry training under the anointed leadership of Apostle Pamela Hardy. She completed her studies and graduated as a Licensed Minister of Dance in 2008. It was under Apostle Hardy’s leadership that Linda discovered her love to create studies materials to help teach and train other for ministry within the body of Christ.

Kingdom Ambassadors Ministerial Training Program (Plano Texas)

Apostles Chris and Pamela Hardy played a major role in the progression of Linda’s ministry. After completing the KAMT ministry school, they, under the leading of the Holy Spirit, recognize the call on Linda’s life and ordained her as an apostle to the Body of Christ. This new ministry role has both challenged her beyond her ability and caused her to more heavily rely on the LORD in every area of life.


Eagles International Training Institute School of Worship

Trained under the anointed leadership of Apostle Elizabeth Hairston-McBurrows Linda was challenged to take her worship studies to another level of understanding. Her forth coming book, Loving God… is a fruit of this training. She graduated from the School of Worship in 2012. ***

Powerhouse Ministries, Nashville, Tennessee

Linda has been trained and given opportunity to minister in prophetic ministry settings, under the leadership of Dr. Sandy Power the Founder of Powerhouse Ministries. After completing the required biblical course of study concerning prophetic ministry and actively serving in public ministry settings, she has received her ministry certification with Powerhouse Ministries. This training has encouraged Linda to step out boldly, as the Spirit of God leads, to share the prophetic word of the LORD with people on a personal level.


Aside from her ministry throughout the United States, Linda, as previously mentioned, has also served as a short term missionary to many nations. Her missionary activities have included, but are not limited to the nations of Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ivory Coast, Kenya, South Africa & Israel. She has ministered in the city streets, the interior jungles, remote villages, the bush, and in the midst of civil uprising of nations. She has dined in the luxurious homes of government leaders, prayed with tribal kings, and shared special moments and mangos with people of very humble means. She loves the diverse cultural people groups, and looks forward to expanding her territory for the Kingdom into new regions of the earth as the LORD leads.

Linda’s mission is to build up the Kingdom of God. She is a passionate prophetic worshiper, and a student of the God’s word. She believes the word of God to be the final authority and standard by which people are to live their lives. As a gifted five-fold ministry leader, Linda has been called and ordained of the LORD as an Apostle to the Body of Christ, specifically, but not limited to the area of worship.

Aside from being in the presence of the LORD, Linda experiences her greatest joy through teaching the word of God and seeing the Holy Spirit set people free. As the heart of the worshiper is released into freedom, they are truly able to worship the LORD in spirit and in truth. Based on the word of God, she is a firm believer that worship requires physical participatory action which flows from a heart of covenant love and a deep abiding passion for the LORD.

As a prophetic liturgical dancer, Linda uses movement to demonstrate the message of the Gospel. As she paints a picture of the joy of loving and serving the LORD, and what He wants to do in our lives, she creates a visual expression which is not soon forgotten. Linda’s dance training has come primarily through studying the scriptures in the areas of praise and worship, and by learning to move and flow with the Holy Spirit. However, she does take advantage of opportunities to receive instruction from other worship dance ministers and training opportunities which may arise. She does not claim to be a dance instructor, but rather a worshiper who teaches the word of God, and then releases people to step into the biblical expressions of worship which delight the heart of God.

Linda’s approach to ministry is very simple- study it and then do it!! She enjoys mentoring with a ‘hands on’ approach in the midst of the congregation. She does this by actively involving the people in the teaching process, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and into another level of intimate relationship with the LORD. As they learn how to get past themselves and flow with the Holy Spirit, they begin to recognize, trust and follow his leading, thus freedom of expression begins to manifest in their praise and worship. As they learn to let the Holy Spirit have his way, they are being trained and equipped for the work of the ministry.

Over the years Linda has observed in her own life, as well as in the live of countless other believers, that when God’s people are willing to get out of their comfort zone, push past their struggles, and allow themselves to truly fall in love with, and worship the LORD Jesus Christ with joyous abandonment; the captives are set free, bondages are broken, joy is restored, healing and deliverance can take place, and the glory of the LORD is released into the lives of His people.

Linda has also ministered upon request, as a guest speaker at conferences, presentations of worship dance in church services and special events; participation in evangelistic street ministry, nursing home outreaches, teaching in the local homeless women’s shelter, ministering to teenage girls and young women in the care of the Department of Child Services Correctional Department and ministering in regional National Day Of Prayer gatherings. She is an authoress and has written 3 other books. She is in the process of writing a forth book at the time of the writing of this bio. Her books currently include the following titles:

Theology of Dance - (A Study in the Old & New Testaments)-

This book is an introduction to the worship dance ministry from a biblical perspective.

Biblical Forms of Worship-

This book has to do with the first mentions of the different biblical expressions of worship found in the scripture. We learn how our worship can affect future generations throughout eternity. For this to happen, we must be willing to let the LORD take us to that ‘place’ of worship which He has chosen for us.

The Priesthood & The Garments-

This book takes a look at the Aaronic Priesthood Garments and what each piece signifies. We take a look at how they represented Christ and the Church. Each piece speaks of the righteous character and nature which we, as the people of God should have. We need to put on our priestly garments and worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.

Loving God [Worship As A Lifestyle Series, Volume 1]

This book encourages the followers of Christ to fall passionately in love with their Creator, the LORD GOD Almighty. Within the pages of this 600+page book, you will be challenged to pursue His presence and experience Him like never before, as you journey with Him into your God ordained destiny. This book is expected to be release in 2016.

Linda and her husband Ore’ reside in Kingston Springs, Tennessee. Linda has been blessed with two sons, Jeremiah and Joshua Conrey; two wonderful daughters in law, and four granddaughters. When it’s all said and done this bio just shows a life that is blessed with wonderful opportunities from the LORD to learn, grow, love, teach and share in so many areas. To God be the glory, great things He has done!!!