Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Travel Expenses

Ministry Van Expenses- these needs include the upkeep, maintenance, repairs, fuel, and insurance for our 2003 Toyota van.

Other travel expenses include:

Airline tickets- Perhaps you would like to donate to this ministry expense or you may have airline miles you would like to donate for ministry usage. This contribution would be such a wonderful blessing.

Food- Everybody likes to eat! In some situations it is necessary for us to assist those who may be hosting us with the cost of food. In such cases we will go shopping with our host to purchase food for their household as well as for our own needs.

Hotel- When traveling we will usually stay with someone in ministry leadership of the hosting church. Occasionally there may not be adequate accommodations available. On these rare occasions we may be required to stay at a hotel. Your support in this area is greatly appreciated.

Special Projects- On occasion there may be a special project or need in relation to a specific humanitarian outreach within the context of a ministry trip. Such opportunities may include needs for food, clothing, medical or benevolent assistance to others. Special projects may also include opportunities to financially assist another ministry, so that they may accomplish their outreach goals. (Example- if a ministry needs a boat to reach people in the jungle with the gospel, we may ask for donations on behalf of this need for their ministry). However, we do not do this with ministries we have not had a long standing relationship with. Leaders of such ministries must prove themselves to be walking in honesty and integrity before the LORD and men. In most cases such a gift would require us to go and see the work ourselves to confirm the need). Your gifts are greatly appreciated for such outreach projects.

Resource Publications

Book Publications- Linda is a teaching author and is continually writing biblically based teaching books. Your gifts to help publish these works would be greatly appreciated.

DVD Production- We intend to begin creating teachings available on DVD in the near future. If you would like to support this endeavor please contact us and let us know of your interest.

***** Equipment- This area of giving has to do primarily with technology and needs within our ministry office location. This includes things such as new computers, video cameras, printers, sound systems, projectors and software. It also includes whatever items are needed to make the ministry happen effectively.


If you would like to help to sponsor a trip, or support other areas of ministry with your giving, please use the donation button on our website, or mail your donation to:

Connect U2 Christ Ministries

P.O. Box 513

Kingston Springs, Tennessee 37082